Hatim Albasri
PhD Candidate

Application of GIS and Remote Sensing to Assess Sustainable Mariculture and Protect Conservation Zones

Establishment of MPA in coastal and marine areas where local communities live within or around the vicinity of imaginary boundary of MPA have been followed by the introduction of controlled and regulated economic activities to fulfil the needs of the communities. Aquaculture has been proposed as one of the sustainable economic aquaculture that can be applied in MPA (TNC and CI, 2012). The application of aquaculture in MPA can be observed by the designation of special aquaculture zones in conservation zones in Indonesia.  With future direction of conservation effort, there will more MPAs established in coastal and marine areas in developing countries to achieve 10% quota set by CBD in 2020 (UNEP-WCMC, 2008). It is then necessary to scientifically measure how effective and beneficial of aquaculture conducted in MPA as a part of the conservation management, how to apply it and to what extent it can be ensured to be sustainable. 

Supervisor: Associate Professor Jes Sammut



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