GEOS3921 – Coastal Resource Management

Coastal Resource Management focuses on natural resource assessment and management in the coastal zone, from both Australian and global perspectives. Topics include: Australian coastal zone policy; coastal erosion and conservation; soil and water acidification; global shrimp farming issues and management; oyster farming; estuary classification and management; coastal water resource management; recreational and commercial fisheries; marine protected areas (MPAs); and coastal wetlands. The content is supplemented by presentations from practitioners in this field with vast amounts of expertise, including environmental consulting, national and state government advisers, local government councilors  and international aquaculture experts.

Term 3

Study level: Undergraduate

6 units of credit

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Who should I contact?

Coordinator: Damon Bolton

What does this course cover?

Students will develop an understanding and appreciation of:

  • coastal degradation (processes and human-induced changes)
  • coastal policy
  • frameworks and approaches to CRM
  • the broad and emerging coastal issues
  • the roles of geography, environmental science, social science and engineering in CRM
  • public participation in CRM
  • interdisciplinary approaches to CRM

Students participate in group work to develop vocational skills in natural resource management.

Where does this course fit into my degree?

This is a Stage 3 course with a broad range of relevant study streams, including engineering, environmental management, ecology, education and geography. This course is highly valuable for students looking for careers in government (local, state or federal), environmental consulting, environmental management or environmental engineering.

This course is intended to give students from various disciplines an opportunity to increase their understanding of current and emerging issues in coastal resource management as well as approaches to management and coastal planning in Australia and the region. This course was also developed to meet job market needs in coastal resource management.

Is there assumed prior knowledge or a co-requisite?

While there is no prio-knowlege required, this course follows on from GEOS3911 (Environmental Impact Assessment) where there was a strong vocational emphasis. Likewise, the material in Coastal Resource Management is also directed towards improving professional skills and will enable students to understand how government agencies, industry and the community participate in coastal resource assessment, planning and management.

Are there mandatory activities for this course?

There are two mandatory field based tutorials in this course, held during the tutorial time slots. The field tutorials are within the Sydney Eastern Suburbs and the student need to arrange transport there and back.

This course does not have a final exam, but the assessment has been designed to expose students to the kind of report writing expected of graduates in government agencies.

I took this course a while ago, and need proof of what was covered.

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