GEOS3641 – Regional Australia: Geography of Uneven Development

GEOS3641GEOS3641 – Regional Australia: Geography of Uneven Development is a short course that will equip students with key qualitative research skills – surveying, interviewing, focus groups and discourse analysis. These skills will be taught with content centred on regional Australia. Lecture content focuses on regional development, internal migration, resource management and cultural industries. The regional field school (in Bathurst) links lecture and workshop material to real world examples and provides hands on experience in the application of research methods in the field. This course is indispensable for those students (undergraduate and postgraduate) who will need to conduct any type of social and qualitative research in their careers. 

Summer Session, 2017

Study level: Undergraduate

6 units of credit

Hours per week: 

Week One: Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00

Week Two: Five day field trip

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Who should I contact?

Coordinator: Danielle Drozdzewski

Where does this course fit into my degree?

This is a third year course.

Are there mandatory activities for this course?

This course involves a five day field trip at additional expense to students to cover the costs of transportation, accommodation and meals. The cost of this year’s field trip is $180. This course will be offered for the last time in Summer 2016/2017.

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