GEOS2641 – Urban Environments

GEOS2641 – Urban Environments provides an overview of human geography approaches to understanding urban environments in Australia and beyond. Contextualising cities as part of wider environmental understandings and concerns, this course considers the changes to thinking about urbanism over time. Case studies engage the varied and multiple experiences of urbanism, by for instance, class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and so on, but also in times of increasing natural hazards and environmental awareness. Contemporary perspectives include (post)colonialism, critical race theory, environmentalism and consumerism, and new approaches to nature. Students will experience data generation using various quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Session 2, 2018

Study level: Undergraduate

6 units of credit

Hours per week: 3 - 2 hours lectures, 1 hour tutorials, plus several fieldwork events.

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Who should I contact?

Coordinator: Wendy Shaw

Are there mandatory activities for this course?

Field trips are a mandatory component of this course. 

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