E26 Relocation Information

Welcome to the home page for information relating to the move to E26 for BEES. You can find links here to documents to help you with packing and labelling and links to the appropriate forms needed to decommission labs.

Movecorps E26- move Website
Procedure for lab Packing & Decommissioning

* Pack / organise everything you are taking across.

(Office and Lab)

* Clean-decontaminate lab / Biosafety cabinets / Fume Hoods.


* Complete  HS921 Equipment Decontamination Certificate and place on any large equipment not moving (De-contaminated Fume hoods & Biosafety cabinets)


* Non-Hazardous chemicals should be sectioned off in an area of bench space and appropriately labelled. Area to have appropriate colour Allied Pickford sticker on paper indicating chemicals to be moved (see Chemical labelling and the movePacking for the move & Labelling for specimens in chemicals).


* Hazardous chemicals are correctly labelled and left in their clean, accessible dangerous good cabinets. Place paper with appropriate colour Allied Pickford sticker on front of cabinet indicating contents to be moved.


* Glassware should be sectioned off in an area of bench space and area has appropriate colour Allied Pickford sticker (see Packing for the move).            


* Packing crates should have appropriate colour Allied Pickford sticker and where possible stacked neatly.

(Office and Lab)

* Other loose items to be moved equipment/boxes/bags/containers have appropriate colour Allied Pickford sticker and are accessible.

(Office and Lab)

* There should be no hidden items in draws/cupboards these should all be clean and empty.

(Office and Lab)


For Contractors to enter labs we must do the following

* Complete HS704-E26 Laboratory Decommissioning Checklist - E26 Relocation

* Complete Laboratory Sign Off Ready to Move - Allied Pickfords

* Complete HS700 Laboratory Clearance Certificate

* These Three forms must be completed and

1. Copy of each sent to David Reynolds d.n.reynolds@unsw.edu.au

2. Gets printed and attached to door of lab.


* After move we have 3 days to come back into lab for final clean.

1. It is the responsibility of each lab owner that there should be no chemicals/rubbish/personal items left in labs everything must be removed-disposed of.

2. After this clean up notify David or Chris and we will do final sign off for each area.


Moving into E26 On the Day

* On the Day of your move you should plan to have some people available to oversee the process.

* General Unpacking and work will start up the next day after your move (See Post Move guideline). This is to minimise movement in the area as the moving contractors will be very active in the one area for the whole day.

* Have 1-2 people available to cover the following jobs as you see fit for your office / Lab Everyone’s situation will be different and these actions are mainly needed just for labs. If you are just moving 1-2 boxes from an office to an office and everything is all packed, then you don’t really need to be available until the next day to unpack.

  • 1 Person in the lab/office (if needed) at the advised time of the move to answer any questions.
  • 1 Person in the Office/Lab at time of delivery (They will give you a time when they pack everything up)
  • 1 person to be able to monitor fridges / freezers for a few hours to make sure they are working and get to temperature
    • Fridges/freezers will be unplugged by Allied Pickfords, moved and then re-plugged in. It is up to owners to monitor these for issues.


Moving into E26 POST-MOVE

* Unpack – setup your desks / workstations

  • Allied Pickfords will be doing walkthroughs to pick up crates so just start to stack them empty on dollies in one area.

* After the move we have 3 days to come back into D26 (or wherever you moved from) for final clean. So, allow some time to get this done.

* BEES / BABS will have people assigned to be on hand to log any issues you have from the day of your move. (I will post these peoples details up here in due time (David Reynolds will be one)).

  • Movecorp have set up a system where we can log issues on the go. This should allow for quicker resolution of issues during and after the move.
  • Movecorp will also have floorwalkers roaming around during and after the move to log any issues people may have
  • Boxes missing, Telephony/data issues, anything that goes wrong during the move period can be reported to the UNSW or Movecorp people in your areas.


 UNSW documents for the decommissioning of labs and equipment

HS704-E26 Laboratory Decommissioning Checklist

HS700 Laboratory Clearance Certificate

HS921 Equipment Decontamination Certificate

Laboratory Sign Off Ready to Move


Documents to help with packing / labelling

 Packing for the move

 Labelling for specimens in chemicals

How to label moving crates

Chemical labelling and the move

ChemAlert for chemical labelling

Non-Hazardous chemical label template 




Asbestos Information

Information relating to Asbestos (for those of you moving in or out of D26)