HS311 HS Document Control Procedure outlines the process to create and maintain Health & Safety documents to ensure consistency in the application of the UNSW HSMS.

HS733 Health and Safety Records Procedure outlines the process for management of HS records to ensure those records that are legally required to be kept are identified and easily accessible.

It is essential that all supervisors know what HS records need to be kept, and that these records are readily available for audit purposes. The HS Manager assists supervisors with this task by collating copies of all submitted documents and keeping the records in a series of spreadsheets. For this system to be maintained, supervisors must submit copies of all HS documents to the HS Manager.

Document Control Numbering

Each form or checklist in the UNSW HSMS has an unique form identifier recorded in the UNSW records management system e.g. HS902 (Manual Task Risk Management Form). In the BEES HSMS this identifier (HS902) identifies the spreadsheet record and file. Each individual record of this type must have an unique Document Control Number. The preferred method in BEES for creating Document Control Numbers takes the form of the supervisor’s (or group leader’s) initials followed by the date of writing of the document in the form yymmdd. Where more than one document of the same type is written on the same day, a dash followed by the numerals 1, 2, 3 as appropriate is added. For example, if a supervisor in IES had the initials CM then the document control section at the start of the form would be as follows:

HS902 Manual Task Risk Management Form





Document number


Initial Issue date

16th November 2013

Current version


Current Version

Issue date
16th November 2013

Next review date

(One year hence)


Many of the ‘paper records’ currently in use in the UNSW HSMS will be captured electronically with the adoption of online systems. This commenced with the Hazard and Incident reporting system (H20) and will soon include the Sci Quest Enterprise Reagent Management System and SafeSys Health and Safety document online management and approval system. The following is the current list of records that must be created and maintained by all supervisors. In many cases a copy needs to be sent to the Health and Safety Manager. In some cases, for example, radiation safety, more specific documentation is required than what is listed below.

The current list of records that must be kept and maintained includes the following:

Accident/Incident Register: now kept online on myUNSW  (Harm to Zero).

After Hours Work Register: a register of workers and others authorised to work in BEES allocated space outside normal hours.

HS703 After Hours Work Approval Forms: low to medium risk work performed outside normal hours is documented on this form approved (signed) by the supervisor. A copy must be submitted by the Health and Safety Manager. This form should be completed when new staff / students are inducted (HS006) for all low risk (office-type work). Separate approvals may be required for higher risk work. Head of School (or above) approval is required for any out of hours work risk assessed as ‘high’.

HS086 Corrective Actions Register: most corrective actions are now listed on harm to Zero. This form, however, is useful for keeping track of the status of corrective actions.

HS603 Chemical Register: a register of all chemical goods, including quantities, must be maintained for each laboratory. This ‘register’ will soon be replaced by the SciQuest Chemical management system

HS653 Hazard and Risk Register: a list of all hazards and risks which includes relevant risk assessments and safe work procedures. Copy must be sent to the Health and Safety Manager whenever register is updated.

Laboratory Safety Manual: a manual must be developed and made available to all laboratory personnel. Note that the template is currently under construction.

Safety Data Sheets: a database of current (less than five years old) Safety Data Sheets for all hazardous substances used must be available to all laboratory personnel. SDS’s can be readily sourced from ChemAlert.

Plant and Equipment Register: for all plant and equipment a register must be maintained which details maintenance schedules, risk assessments and safe working procedures.

HS088 Plant and Equipment Training Register: a list of all staff and students trained in the operation of specific pieces of plant and equipment.

HS633a Equipment Purchasing and HS633b Hazardous materials purchasing: the purchasing checklist must be consulted and used before and after obtaining any goods and services where a possible hazard exists.

Risk Management Form (Safesys): RMFs must be created for all activities undertaken within the laboratory, work area or research unit. They must follow the Risk Rating Procedure. They must be available to all staff and students involved with the activities, and signed off by each of them.

Safe Work Procedure (Safesys): SWPs must be created for all hazardous plant and equipment or activities where the risk assessment is medium or high.

Safety Inductions: All new workers (including Postgraduate and Honours students) must receive an HS006 induction to the workplace. If the area is deemed a laboratory or similar specialist work space then an HS049  laboratory induction form must also be completed. A list of staff and students inducted and permitted to work in that area must be displayed in each laboratory. The HS049 should also be used for others e.g. visitors and contractors if they are required to perform work in the area. A simplified visitors induction form HS630 may be used for persons whose visit is only for a brief period. Appropriate induction forms must be created for activities or equipment specific to the research of lab group. These local forms must comply with the Document Control Procedure. An induction register must be kept for all induction forms, both UNSW and research group-specific. Copies of all induction forms must be sent to the Health and Safety Manager.

HS094 Training Needs Analysis and HS092 Training Plan: must be developed for all staff and students. A copy must be sent to the Health and Safety Manager.

Training and Course Completion Records: copies of all training records are to be retained. A copy of each must be sent to the Health and Safety Manager. Note that training undertaken at UNSW is now recorded on myUNSW.

HS010 Volunteer Approval Forms: forms are to be retained for the period of volunteer work. A copy of the form is kept by the Health and Safety Manager.

Combined Workplace Inspection Records: quarterly workplace inspection records for both laboratories and other areas must be retained. Copies must be sent to the Health and Safety Manager.