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Dr Dioni Cendón
Senior Visiting Fellow
Field of Research: 
Isotope hydrogeochemistry, water rock interactions, groundwater, evaporites, groundwater residence time
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+61 2 9717 3937

ANSTO: Building 21

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Secretary NSW-division of the Geological Society of Australia

Australian Journal of Earth Sciences (Associate Editor)

Research & Current Projects


  •  Application, development and improvement of isotopic techniques to the study of hydrogeological and geochemical processes.
  • Shallow groundwater hydrochemistry and interaction with surface waters in dry-land rivers
  • Climatic signals preserved in groundwater.
  • Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of inputs and palaeohydrology of hyper saline environments.
  • Use or Rare Earth Elements to understand water rock interactions.


  • Geochemical tracers in aquifers under intense abstractions and development of unconventional gas resources. Work in the Condamine (QLD), Namoi (NSW), Gippsland (VIC)
  •  G@GPS (Groundwater at Global Paleoclimatic Signals) UNESCO/IGCP-618. http://www.gw-gps.com/
  • Use of Rare Earth Elements in groundwater from contaminated sites.
  • Use of naturally occurring radioactive isotopes to trace groundwater and understand its residence time. Work in many sites across the world eg: Bolivia, Canada, China, Mozambique, Spain, etc. In Australia:  Pilbara (WA), Mangrove-Kulnura area (NSW), Westernport Basin (VIC), etc.

 Photo: Dioni I Cendón. Groundwater from the North West Sahara Aquifer under artesian presume comes to the surface and is cooled down to ambient temperature before using the water for irrigation. (Tozeur Region, Tunisia)



 Photo: Sampling saline groundwater discharges in the Athabasca River area (Alberta, Canada)


Photo: Dioni I Cendón. River dams for irrigation have transformed the Walker Lake (Nevada, US) from a fresh water body with abundant fish to a ~19 mg/L TDS that continues to decrease in level. 


Photo Dioni I Cendón. Investigating the Devil's Golf Course, Death Valley National Park



Photo: Dioni I Cendón. Sampling groundwater discharge into the Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia) 


Photo Dioni I Cendón. Halite polygonal crusts in Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia)



Photo Dioni I Cendón. Unexpected friend during sampling in the Namoi River area (NSW)

Research Students


Mira van der Ley (PhD candidate, UNSW) – Surface-groundwater water-rock interactions in the Riversleigh region.

Charlotte Iverach (PhD candidate, UNSW) – Interaquifer connections in irrigated zones under Coal Seam Gas development.

Mark Peterson (PhD candidate, UNSW-ANSTO): Matrix diffusion of radionuclides in fractured rocks and apparent groundwater age.

Sarah Taylor (PhD Candidate, USyd): A Hydrogeochemical study of shallow saline groundwater in south west Sydney, Australia.


Stephen Lee (MSc, 2015, RMIT): The origin of salinity and aquifer interaction in a seasonally pumped confined aquifer system (Western Port Basin, VIC)

Lucienne Martel (Honours, 2014, UNSW): Multivariate analysis of major-ion compositions in the Condamine alluvium groundwaters (SE-Qld).

Josh Larsen (PhD, UoW-ANSTO awarded Nov 2011): Aspects of the contemporary and palaeo- hydrology of the Lake Eyre Basin, central Australia.

Daniel Denaro (Honours 2011, UNSW): Hawkesbury Sandstone Hosting Aquifers in the Lower Blue Mountains - An Analysis into Migrating Groundwaters and Host-Rock Interactions.

Ellen Luu (Honours 2009, UNSW): Hawkesbury sandstone aquifers of the Sydney Basin – potential water-rock interaction effects on 14C groundwater dating.

Jennifer Spencer (Honours 2009, UNSW): The surface and groundwater of the Lawn Hill Region, Northwest Queensland.

Jesse Puller (Honours 2006, UoW): Ostracod and Charophyte carbonate geochemistry in Southern NSW Estuaries: A proxy for Palaeoenvironmental Reconstructions.

Emma Collins (Honours 2005, UNSW): Tracing sulfate sources in the upper Natai River catchment of southeastern Australia using ionic and isotopic analyses.

David Canon (Honours 2004, UNSW): A preliminary investigation into the use of recycled wastewater for irrigation in the Navigation Ck catchment.

Nicole McKimm (Honours 2004, UoW): Water quality of natural creeks in Acid Sulfate Soil of the Shoalhaven.

Daniel Rickleman (Honours 2004, UoW): Geomorphology as a determinant of near-surface groundwater salinity, Cooper Creek floodplain, Queensland.


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Recent Reports

51) Hankin S. and Cendón D.I. (2015) Measurement and preliminary interpretation of isotopes in groundwater at Talwood, QLD. ANSTO/C-1434. Prepared for Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mining, QLD. Commercial In Confidence, 17 pp and Appendices.

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