Deferring Your Honours Year

The rules on deferring vary between programs at UNSW, and therefore the information provided here is only general in nature. You can only defer for a total of 12 months over the course of your degree. 

There are some problems that may arise from deferring.  The most significant being if your (potential) supervisor leaves UNSW before you commence Honours.  Or if they are too overloaded with students to take you on when you return.  Some students may choose to defer because their (potential) supervisor will be absent for a period on SSP (sabbatical). If this is the case you should discuss your leave and enrolment plans very carefully with your supervisor before they leave.
For more information see the UNSW Current Students A to Z Guide, the Faculty of Science Honours information page or log a case via Webform:  Please allow 5/five working days turnaround time for webform enquiries.