Work Integrated Learning Placement


The BEES Work Integrated Learning Placement Course (BEES2051) enables students to work at a partner organisation in an area of Biological, Earth or Environmental science. It is designed to enable students to extend and deepen their academic knowledge of their discipline and their personal and professional skills, capabilities and employability. Students are required to spend approximately 140 hours at their partner organisation, during which time they will work under the supervision of their workplace supervisor. Additional time will be required for students to complete a preparatory online module before commencing as well as two online modules during their placement as well as formal assessment tasks. Some of these tasks can be completed during their work placement hours.


Course Aims

1. To enable students to integrate theory with the practice of work through their placement at a partner organisation.
2. To enable students to apply disciplinary knowledge and skills to authentic and purposeful work as part of their work placement.
3. To afford students the opportunity to learn to operate effectively in a workplace, and to understand organisation culture and behaviour. 
4. To enable an environment where students can develop their abilities in independent, collaborative and reflective learning.
5. To enhance development of student professional and personal skills and attributes



Assessment Type Assessment Name Weighting (%)
Other Organisation Analysis Report 20
Assignment Placement Report 50
Assignment Student Reflection 30


Conditions for Enrolment

School Consent required, see School contact on right


BEES2051 does not have a set timetable