Introductory Skills for Science

The UNSW Introductory Skills for Science course (SCIF1131) provides the opportunity for students to become aware of and develop their professional capabilities. As few great ideas are created in isolation, the connection between like-minded individuals, as well as building on past and present ideas, are the foundation for innovation. Development of these ideas requires collaboration (fitting different pieces together and critical appraisal) and communication for wider awareness. In this course, students will practise teamwork and communication, both as generic skills and within a scientific discipline.


Conditions for Enrolment

Enrolment in BSc (Adv. Science), BAdvSci(Hons), BSc (Adv. Maths), BSc(AdvMath)(Hons), (incl. associated dual degrees), or BMedSci


Introductory Course

This course is usually taken in the early part of a program and may be required as a pre-requisite before taking a more advanced course.