CLIM3001 – Climate Systems Science

CLIM3001 – Climate Systems Science aims to give students an understanding of the key systems that control our climate, how these systems interact, as well the uncertainties associated with direct climate observation and future climate modelling. Students will have an appreciation of the range of observational data products that allow us to understand climate processes, including uncertainties associated with sampling and representativeness. Students will also develop an understanding of how climate models are built, executed and evaluated. Through this, students will gain the skills required to critically interpret climate model projections and understand key aspects of the uncertainties associated with those projections.

Term 2

6 units of credit

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Who should I contact?

Coordinator: Scientia Professor Matthew England

Alternative contact:  A. Prof Lisa Alexander

What does this course cover?

  1. Observing and understanding the climate system
  2. Energy budget, water and carbon cycles
  3. Climate models and model evaluation

Where does this course fit into my degree?

This is a third year course.

This course offers great preparation for an Honours year at the Climate Change Research Centre (CCRC).

Is there assumed prior knowledge or a co-requisite?

The pre-requisites for CLIM3001 are: CLIM2001 or PHYS2801 or GEOS2711 or MATH2241.

Students may wish to take MATH3261, MSCI3001, CVEN3501, or GEOS3761 concurrently with this course.

Are there mandatory activities for this course?

There are no field trips for this course.

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