Celine Steinfeld Wins the 2012 National River Management Young Achievers Award

BEES PhD Canditate Celine Steinfeld, from the Australian Wetlands, Rivers and Landscapes Centre, has been awarded the 2012 National River Management Young Achievers Award at the National Riversymposium - an award identifies and rewards individuals under 35 who have demonstrated innovation and excellence in river and waterways management.

"Celine's primary research interests are aquatic ecosystem science and management, and she has published and presented internationally in the fields of hydrology and river management. She has recently submitted her PhD entitled ‘Integrating environmental flows into regulated river management’, examining the operational opportunities and challenges for the allocation, release and delivery of environmental flow in regulated rivers. She developed a hydrological modelling tool called eWASH (Environmental Water Allocation Simulator with Hydrology) to support environmental water management decisions, and investigated 2D and 3D imaging techniques to assist in restoring connectivity to floodplain wetlands.

With her strong focus on connecting science and policy, Celine was the inaugural recipient of the Peter Cullen Postgraduate Scholarship. Celine has a Bachelor of Science with specialties in geography and media and communications from University of New South Wales. She was awarded a University Medal and a Research Excellence Scholarship for her honours research focusing on the importance of hydrological connectivity in large floodplains. Celine plays an active role in the university community, as an undergraduate and postgraduate tutor, field volunteer and postgraduate coordinator for her school."

2012 River Management Young Achievers Award Finalist - Celine Steinfeld