Catherine Chague-Goff
Dr Catherine Chagué-Goff
Honorary Senior Lecturer
Field of Research: 
Environmental geochemistry, wetland biogeochemisty, tsunamis

Research & Current Projects

Catherine's current research interests include:

- recent, historical and palaeoenvironmental changes (including tsunamis and storms) as well as anthropogenic changes in coastal ecosystems and freshwater wetlands, with particular emphasis on chemical and isotopic signatures;

- development of multi-proxy toolkits to distinguish high-energy events in sedimentary sequences




Claire Kain, PhD candidateTsunami signatures: Reconstructing the dynamics of pre-historic tsunamis from their sedimentary deposits (joint supervised with Prof James Goff)

Darren King, PhD candidate – Tsunami disturbance, recurrence and risk along the New Zealand’s coast: learning from differences in knowledge, practice and belief(joint-supervised with Prof James Goff and Ass/Prof. Wendy Shaw)

Geordie Donaldson, Honours candidate – 1931 Waikari River tsunami - New Zealand’s largest historical tsunami (joint-supervisor with Prof James Goff)


Undergraduate Teaching

Course coordinator

GEOS1111           Fundamentals of Geology

GEOS3321           Fundamentals of Petroleum Geology

Course co-leader

GEOS3621           Natural Hazards and their management

Course contributor

GEOS1211           Environmental Earth Science

GEOS3281           Applied Geochemistry

GEOS3291           Coastal Resource Management



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