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Brendan Lanham
PhD candidate
Field of Research: 
Fish ecology, boat moorings, facilitation
Contact details:

Level 4 East
Biological Sciences South (E26)
UNSW, Kensington 2052

Effects of habitat structure on fish communities

Fish interact with natural and artificial structures in a range of different ways, many of which we don’t understand. Boat moorings are common artificial structures where previously little was known about their interactions with fish communities. We now know fish distance themselves from traditional, damaging moorings, whereas eco-friendly moorings attract fish.

Natural structures (here, macroalgae) are important habitats for fish and invertebrates. I’m looking at how macroalgae involved in a facilitation cascade (aka. macroalgae settled on bivalves opposed to rocky reef) differs from those settled more conventionally on a neighbouring rocky reef, and how this in turn effects invertebrates and fish that inhabit these habitats.


twitter: @BrendanLanham

SUPERVISORS: Professor Alistair Poore and Associate Professor Paul Gribben



Lanham B.S., A Verges, LH Hedge, EL Johnston, and AGB Poore (2018) Altered fish community and feeding behaviour in close proximity to boat moorings in an urban estuary. Marine Pollution Bulletin 129: 43-51.

Lanham B.S., PE Gribben, and AGB Poore (2015) Beyond the border: Effects of an expanding algal habitat on the fauna of neighbouring habitats. Marine Environmental Research. 106: 10-18.