BIOS3171 – Evolution

BIOS3171 - Evolution explores the theory, evidence, and applications of modern evolutionary biology, focusing on the core concepts as well as new and controversial directions in evolutionary research. Students investigate local biodiversity from an evolutionary perspective, develop an original research proposal, and create a short video on their research topic. Throughout the course we encourage discussion, debate, and critical thinking, and help students to develop their scientific communication skills.

Term 3

6 units of credit

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Who should I contact?

Coordinator: Russell Bonduriansky

Assistant Coordinator: Michael Kasumovic

What does this course cover?

Major topics covered:

• Why and how organisms evolve and adapt
• The nature of heredity
• Developmental plasticity
• The evolution of sex
• Speciation and diversification
• The evolution of life histories and ageing
• Phylogenetic analysis
• Coevolution between and within species
• Evolutionary conflict and cooperation
• Frequency-dependent selection
• Sexual selection and sexual conflict
• Human evolution
• Applications of evolutionary biology

Where does this course fit into my degree?

This is a third year course. This course will help students prepare for Honours in evolutionary ecology.

Evolution complements the following courses:

Is there assumed prior knowledge or a co-requisite?

BIOS2011 - Evolutionary and Physiological Ecology is a prerequisite for this course.

Are there mandatory activities for this course?

There is no field trip for this course.

I took this course a while ago, and need proof of what was covered.

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