A Bag of Academic Tricks: Curriculum Vitae of Failures

Wednesday 20 November, 2019
Pioneer Theatre, AGSM

Presented by Prof Rob Brooks and Prof Russell Bonduriansky

Do you ever wonder how those around you can all be so successful? Do you experience Imposter Syndrome? We all know that the way we represent ourselves publicly is skewed towards our best achievements, that in academia we are often required to compare ourselves to others and that failure is more common than success. In truth, our CVs only tell part of our stories. A CV of Failures tell the rest of the story.

Join our amazing two professors from E&ERC, Rob and Russell for a view into all of the things that didn’t work and let’s discuss how such experiences can be used to further our successes.

HOST: Prof Shinichi Nakagawa

Please RSVP to Jess McConkey j.mcconkey@unsw.edu.au