Bag of Academic Tricks: Career building strategies - Life-work balance

Friday 3 May, 2019
12 pm
Rountree Room Rm 356, Biolink (D26)

Through your PhD the end goal may be - finish it. Then, the first steps after your PhD are likely to be - get a job, any job.  The focus can become, and naturally so, get it (PhD) finished - and then, remain employed (post doc) – but be careful – have a plan. 

The pressure of getting the next chapter/job done can override other career-related considerations. Hard work is vital – but working so hard that you no longer enjoy the research you are doing - is not ideal as a long-term strategy - balance Research and the Rest of Your Life.

In this workshop we will discuss career-building strategies – have you a plan for your research trajectory?

HOST: Professor Tracey Rogers, Associate Professor Ted Stankowich (California State University) and Dr Justine O’Brien (Conservation Science Manager, Taronga Conservation Society Association)

Please RSVP to Jess McConkey