There are several levels of HS audit conducted to ensure safe systems of work and a safe workplace, ranging from a 3-yearly Workcover audit to a supervisor’s 3 monthly workplace inspection. Each audit seeks to quantify the level of compliance and identify system failures.

UNSW is audited by WorkCover every 3 years to retain its self-insurer’s status. Any administrative area, including BEES, can be selected as part of the audit to assess UNSW’s level of compliance with its HSMS.  

UNSW HS unit ensures audit-readiness of all administrative areas through a program of regular internal audits. The frequency of internal audit is determined by the perceived risks associated with administrative area. The Faculty of Science is recognised as a high risk administrative area and is partially audited every 18 months. Under this audit cycle BEES can expect an internal audit every 3 years.

For an internal audit the School’s level of compliance with the UNSW HSMS is measured through a series of interviews with the Head of School, the Health and Safety Manager, the Chairperson of the HS Committee, academic and professional staff supervisors, and selected workers from the various workgroups. Any worker in the BEES can be selected to represent the School at an internal audit. The pass mark of these audits is set at 75%.

The Science HS Coordinator may also monitor compliance by requesting audits in specific areas of safety e.g. chemical safety. These audits ensure all laboratories meet the minimum guidelines of laboratory safety as determined by the relevant Standards and WorkCover Codes of Practice. Laboratory Managers must annually complete the relevant checklists associated with their respective laboratories, e.g. HS325 Biosafety Audit Checklist or HS614 Chemical Audit Checklist and copies of these audits submitted to the HS Manager for record keeping.

The BEES HS Committee undertakes to complete a workplace inspection of all areas controlled by BEES at least once a year. During these inspections, Committee members may ask area supervisors to demonstrate that they are meeting their individual obligations with regards to the UNSW HSMS. Based upon these observations the BEES HS Manager annually completes an online self-audit. The results of these audits are tracked by the Faculty Executive and past onto the UNSW senior management.

For more information, please refer to UNSW HS Audit Procedure.