Amy Hooper
PhD candidate
Field of Research: 
Evolution, ageing, animal behaviour
Contact details:
Level 5 West
Biological Sciences South (E26)

UNSW, Kensington 2052

I am interested in the evolutionary processes that maintain variation in life history within species. In particular, I am interested in the evolution of condition-dependent traits, and how variation in resources influences optimal life history strategies, from ageing, to behaviour, to morphology. I use a combination of empirical and theoretical tools to explore these ideas.

Supervisor: Professor Russell Bonduriansky 



A. K. Hooper, F. Spagopoulou, Z. Wylde, A. A. Maklakov, R. Bonduriansky. (2017) Ontogenetic timing as a condition-dependent life history trait: High-condition males develop quickly, peak early, and age fast. Evolution 71:671-685.

A. K. Hooper, B. J. Wegener, B. B. M. Wong. (2016) When should male squid prudently invest sperm? Animal Behaviour 112:163-167.