Access and After Hours Authorisation

At UNSW access to buildings is permitted during business hours, this is between the hours of 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday.  Outside these hours only staff and students granted access (proximity card authorisation) by the Head of School (or delegated officer) are permitted to be in buildings occupied by BEES, including public holidays or during shutdown periods.

To minimise risks associated with working outside of business hours, all work undertaken within BEES must comply with the HS322 Working After Hours Guideline. This guideline covers all staff and postgraduate and honours students. An HS703 After Hours Approval Form for an appropriate period must be signed by the supervisor and emailed to the SCI BEES Explode email before any such authorisation can be given.

Staff and students must be compliant in their training needs, refer to the Health and Safety website for details Training.

Staff and students are expected to take all reasonably practical steps to ensure their own safety and security when working after hours. Supervisors should ensure that all their staff and students have been granted after hours approval if they intend to work on campus over the Christmas Shutdown period.

All visitors are required to comply with the HS414 Visitors Guideline.  Visitors are the responsibility of the individual being visited. If a visitor is required to enter any room or laboratory for which an appropriate induction is necessary, then it is the responsibility of the individual being visited to provide such an induction, and to send a copy of the induction form to the HSE Co-ordinator email these using the SCI BEES FieldWork email

For information regarding access and after hours authorisation for contractors and volunteers please consult the following links Estate Management Contractors or Volunteers