GEOS3821 - Geographic Data Analysis

The field of Geographic Information Systems has expanded considerably over the past decade and the world has become very much richer in digital geographic information. Vast amounts of geographic data are routinely collected, with approximately 80% of all data collected having geographic attributes. This course explores a toolbox of conceptual approaches and methods to model and analyse a range of highly complex, often non-deterministic, geographic problems. It explores a true enabling technology for the natural sciences in addition to a rich source of computational and representational challenges for the computer sciences. This course emphasises a range of GIS and spatial data analysis approaches via a disparate selection of real-world applications.

GEOS3821 is offered in Term 1 as intensive course

This course is co-taught with GEOS9017

Assumed knowledge: GEOS2821

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Course Coordinator: Associate Professor Shawn Laffan