Associate Professor Russell Bonduriansky
BSc, MSc Guelph, PhD Toronto
ARC Future Fellow
Field of Research: 
Evolution, ecology, genetics, behaviour, insects
Contact details:
+61 2 9385 3439

Room 543A
Biological Sciences Building (D26)
UNSW, Kensington 2052

Research & Current Projects

 Research Interests

Research in our lab addresses two broad questions. First, we are interested in the dynamics and consequences of sexual coevolution. Although all sexually-reproducing populations experience sexual selection and conflict, the implications of these powerful within-population processes remain poorly understood. Second, we are interested in the effects of environment on phenotype and fitness, and the implications of such effects for evolution. To address these questions, we investigate morphological, life history and behavioural traits in insect systems. We also develop new theory.

Current projects

  • The mechanisms and evolutionary implications of nongenetic inheritance
  • The genetic architecture and fitness implications of condition dependence
  • Effects of environment on lifespan and ageing
  • The evolution of insect genitalia

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Research Students


Scott Allen (PhD candidate) - Sexually antagonistic fitness variation in Drosophila serrata. (Primary supervisor: Steve Chenoweth, UQ)

Nathan Burke (PhD candidate)

Amy Hooper (PhD candidate) - The evolution of life histories

Erin Macartney (PhD candidate) - Effects of environment on sperm morphology and performance

Zachariah Wylde (PhD candidate)

Ronda Lau (MPhil candidate)



Margo Adler, PhD (2013) - Making the best of what you've got: The role of trade-offs in ageing, resource allocation and interactions of the sexes.

Elizabeth Cassidy, M.Phil. (2013) - Morphological variation and diversification in Australian neriid flies.

Eleanor Bath, Honours (2011) - Asymmetric reproductive isolation and interference in neriid flies: the roles of genital morphology and behaviour.

Alexander Sentinella, Honours (2011) - Laval nutritional geometry in Telostylinus angusticollis.

Luis Cayetano, MPhil. (2010) - Evolution of insect genetalia

Udani Chandrasoma, MPhil. (2010) - Diet, fat accumulation and fitness in the black field cricket, Teleogryllus commodus. (Joint Supervisor with Rob Brooks)

Nori Kawasaki, Honours (2006) - Comparison of ageing in the wild and captivity of the banana stalk fly (Telostylinus angusticollis)

Chris Allister, Honours (2013) - Dietary ecology of neriff flies.

Nathan Burke, Honours (2013) - Faculative sexuality in stick insects.

Oscar (Long) Lee, Honours (2013) - Plasticity in bruchid beetles.

Aidan Runagall-McNaull, Honours (2013) - The ecology of paternal effects in neriid flies. 



 BIOS3171 Evolution (Course Coordinator)



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