Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities to get involved and experience reserach first hand are regularly promoted to keen students via two means: The BEES Volunteers Facebook page and the BEES-Volunteers mailing list. Both Facebook and the mailing list are open to anyone seeking to gain experience to join. They are both used to independently adverstise any volunteer opportunities for research withint the school, field work from external sources and agencies and occasionally other related opportunities, such as graduate jobs and research internships.

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BIOSOC - Biological Sciences Student Society

BIOSOC (Biological Sciences Society) is a UNSW society bringing together students from all fields of biological science. This includes students from; Zoology, Botany, Marine Biology, Evolutionary Biology and Ecology. Throughout the semester BIOSOC holds both social events as well as charity fundraising events. BIOSOC is a perfect opportunity for students in biological sciences to meet like-minded individuals as well as giving back to the environment by getting involved with biology based charities.

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Group Photo Cessnock Jun 2011
GEOSOC - Geosciences Student Society

GEOSOC (Geosciences Society) is a student society devoted to promoting the study of geosciences at UNSW. We encourage those with an interest in geology, geography, geochemistry, geophysics and environmental sciences to join. The society hosts social events throughout the semester to encourage networking of like minded students and provide a fun way to relax during the semester. A number of professional development events are also held throughout the year, where members have the opportunity to enrich their post-uni career with networking, tips, and first access to a range of scholarship, vacation work and graduate opportunities.

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