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28 August 2013

Australia has become the place where great concepts are born but can never survive, writes Dr Ben McNeil.

27 August 2013

Three research students studying stingrays, pollution in Antarctica, and early signs of empathy in babies have each won $5000 in the UNSW Science...

21 August 2013

OPINION: Our future depends on the environment providing what we need, but it is still regarded as a magic pudding, with policies for development...

14 August 2013

For sea squirts the key to a long and happy life is to be fertilized not by a fast sperm, but by one that stands the test of time, research by...

6 August 2013

Chile and Argentina may face critical water storage issues due to rain-bearing westerly winds over South America’s Patagonian Ice-field moving...

2 August 2013

A major new fossil site has been discovered by UNSW scientists beyond the boundaries of the famous Riversleigh World Heritage area in north-...

2 August 2013

UNSW Science has finalists in five categories of the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes – prestigious national awards that celebrate excellence in...

2 August 2013

OPINION: It’s been a long time since eco-labelled seafood first appeared on Australia’s supermarket shelves, but the “dolphin-safe” tuna we’ve had...

31 July 2013

Slight changes in the timing of the annual loss of sea-ice in polar regions could have dire consequences for polar ecosystems, by allowing a lot...

29 July 2013

A new UNSW-led study modelling the impacts of an approved $47 million pipeline pumping water from the Macquarie River to Orange reveals far...