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7 September 2017

Associate Professor Paul Adam, respected UNSW honorary academic and advisor to the governement has been awarded the 2017 Australian Natural...

6 September 2017

OPINION: Climate change - or global warming - is a term we are all familiar with.

6 September 2017

Scientists studying African wild dogs in Botswana have found members of this endangered species use sneezes to vote on when the pack will move off...

17 August 2017

unique Cli-Fi one day forum has brought together UNSW climate scientists and some of Australia...

3 August 2017

A special Women on Mars event at Sydney Opera House for female high school students where they will meet leading NASA scientists will be...

2 August 2017

Evening was drawing in and UNSW research student Tara Djokic was ready to call it quits on a long day in the field.

2 August 2017

A comparison of conditions in the outback on either side of Australia’s dingo fence has revealed that extermination of predators affects not only...

28 July 2017

Dr Adriana Vergés and scientists in the Operation Crayweed Team and Professor Andy Pitman have been named as finalists in this year's Eureka...

25 July 2017

The tragedy of the Murray-Darling river system is man-made, writes Richard Kingsford.

18 July 2017

New research published today in Nature Climate Change has revealed how strengthening winds on the opposite side of Antarctica, up to...