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11 April 2018

Marine heatwaves have increased over the past century as a direct result of warming oceans, with significant impacts on biodiversity,...

3 April 2018

Scientists from UNSW and Germany are conducting research this week at Wellington Caves as part of an international project to better...

28 March 2018

Dr Khandis Blake, of the School of Biological, Earth and Biological Sciences, will represent UNSW at the NSW State Finals of FameLab, the...

26 March 2018

Artificial islands emerging from the oceans are regarded as 'engineering marvels'.

23 March 2018

OPINION: The promotion of science, technology, engineering and mathematics education is more than a fad: it is a much-needed movement to encourage...

2 March 2018

UNSW Science has performed strongly in the 2018 QS World University Rankings by Subject, with Materials Science placed first in Australia, and...

2 March 2018

OPINION: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could bring back a deceased loved one?

2 March 2018

Wild bilbies are more reluctant to leave their burrows when dog faeces has been placed nearby than when they are presented with the faeces of...

28 February 2018

Fossilized bones of two new species of tiny, flightless extinct birds have been discovered...

20 February 2018

Speaking on behalf of 70,000 Australian scientists and technologists, Professor Emma Johnston delivers a message of...