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Eve Slavich
PhD Candidate
Contact details:

Room 1402, F23 Building
UNSW, Kensington 2052

I am an eco-statistician: a statistician working in ecology. I am interested in the analysis of ecological data and development of statistical tools for answering questions posed by ecologists.

I am currently working on community-level modelling, where we try to model the spatial distribution of biodiversity. With the advent of more powerful computers, community-level modelling is taking off as a way to inform conservation management and study the effects of climate change on a large number of species.

Within community-level modelling I am interested in the analysis of fine scale climate variability and temporal variation of both climate and biodiversity. Whilst both climate and species abundances can be highly variable through time, this variability has not been incorporated in community-level models. My project will develop methods to create predictive community-level models which will be used to analyse temporal variation in biodiversity and climate.

I am a part of the Centre for Ecosystem Science and the Eco-Stats Research Group in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. My project is part of an ARC Linkage project on response to climate change. 


Associate Professor David Warton (School of Mathematics and Statistics, E&ERC, Centre for Ecosystem Science)

Dr Daniel Ramp (UTS)

Dr John Gollan (Australian Museum)

Dr Michael Ashcroft (Australian Museum)