Dr Chris Fogwill
ARC Future Fellow
Field of Research: 
Southern hemisphere glaciology, palaeoclimatology
Contact details:
+61 2 9385 8957

Room 462
Mathews Building (F23)
UNSW, Kensington 2052

Research & Current Projects

Chris is a glacial geologist and palaeoclimatologist, who uses direct geochronological techniques to reconstruct the configuration of the Earths ice sheets over timescales from centuries to millennia. His research aims to improve estimates of the past contribution of ice sheets to sea level rise to enable better prediction of future sea-level rise.

These records add an important long-term perspective on recent observations of rapid ice sheet in the polar regions from remote sensing and empirical observations. Ongoing research projects include understanding the response of ice sheets and glaciers over millennia to climate forcing in locations ranging from Greenland, Svalbard, Patagonia and Antarctica. Chris is also a Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Exeter and an Associate Editor for Antarctic Science.

Chris also runs the UNSW ICELAB which provides high-precision water chemistry analysis and fluorescence spectrometry capability to analyze dissolved organic matter (DOM) within a dedicated Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) approved quarantine laboratory specifically for water and ice samples from Antarctica.

Research Students


Dr Jake Boex (PhD awarded 2011) – From ice sheet to icefield: a 3D reconstruction of the Patagonian ice mass at 47oS



CLIM3001 Climate Systems Science



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